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Sue Vickerman

Sue Vickerman has received five Arts Council (UK) awards for her poetry, novels, short stories and literary and poetry translations. Sue also translates poetry from other languages. The Arts Council of England funded her 2018-19 project to translate poems by contemporary east German poet and novelist Kathrin Schmidt and respond with her own. A subsequent ACE award for 2019-20 is funding her mentorship by writer Fiona Sampson to work on a multi-genre manuscript (working title DROP-DEAD DIVAS) combining her response-poems and some of the translated ones, discussion of translation theory, and an account of the relationship between poet and poet-translator, within a story arc narrated by a fictional voice.

Sue Vickerman’s first poetry collection Shag (Arrowhead Press) was closely followed by The social decline of the oystercatcher (Biscuit Publishing). Her novel Special needs (Cinnamon Press) is a biting commentary on Englishness, snobbery, sex and identity.

Additionally, Sue Vickerman’s four-year blog in the character of life-model ‘Suki’, discussing art issues and serialising Suki’s life-story,  accrued an international online following. The Suki character is a failed poet and jobbing artist’s model. Ageing, single and desperate, her tale is both funny and desolate. You may read A small life, its sequel Two small lives, and the third volume True life nude at: Further, two movie shorts based on A small life and Two small lives may be viewed for free on Sue Vickerman’s Amazon author-page.

Suki published work under her own name, including illustrated print editions of her three-part online biography, an illustrated poetry collection, Kunst, and a joint collection (with Sue Vickerman) entitled Thin bones like wishbones (both poetry collections by Indigo Dreams Publishing).

Sue Vickerman’s 2017 poetry collection Adventus was published by Naked Eye to some acclaim: Brilliant!
(Kim Moore); each turned page is a door into a new and fresh surprise (John Foggin); an excellent piece of work
(Steve Whittaker); a tour de force (The Yorkshire Times).

Home is wherever Sue Vickerman hangs her hat, but her native Yorkshire in England’s rugged post-industrial north always draws her back.