Suki the life model


Suki is a fictional character created by Sue Vickerman.

She has her own website which includes a blog discussion about art and life, all three volumes of her autobiography and her poetry collection, Kunst.

This is what Suki has to say about herself:

I am a poet and writer who started life-modelling to make ends meet. It has turned out to be my best day-job ever. It feeds my creative life. My poetry pamphlet KUNST is about artists and models, illustrated with pencil and charcoal drawings of me by sixteen artists. My autobiography A SMALL LIFE, a sad, funny tale based on my diary notes, is in print (Cinnamon Press) and also serialised online here. Watch STILL LIFE – an 8-minute film short based on this tale plus blog discussions of the 1970s ‘male gaze’ debate. A SMALL LIFE is illustrated with colour drawings and paintings of me by thirty-eight artists. Its sequel TWO SMALL LIVES – a sometimes harrowing story – is serialised online here, having fifty artist contributors. It is also in print (Naked Eye Publishing). I have compled TRUE LIFE NUDE, the final book of my trilogy, in which I switch from life-modelling to art-nude photographic modelling. This is serialised here.

I also write about people I know and things I do. Themes I return to are: the search for a raison d’etre, loneliness, death, our relationships with Significant Others, and the quest for love.

I am described by reviewers as ‘a bit anorexic’, ‘slightly suicidal’, and ‘an older Bridget Jones, but more edgy, more intimate, more erotic…’ It’s true that my writings break a life-modelling taboo because they refer to a sexual dimension in the dynamics of the life room.