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Adventus, Naked Eye Publishing (2017)

Do Christmas and all the build-up to it affect you emotionally, whether you were brought up in a Christian background or not? As Sue writes,

Advent was at one time a dour season of prayer, fasting and penitence. For me a distinct melancholy hangs over our grey rainy islands during December’s darkening days. Some people just enjoy the telly and the partying, and others doubtless try to ignore the whole thing. But I think there are also those who, like me, spend the festive season running an emotional gamut. Underlying the commercial clamour there’s a nostalgic sense of loss; a wistfulness – not for how it used to be in Christmases past, but for how it might have been and never really was.

Adventus: the coming. These twenty-five poems reflect on Christmases past and current; on lives lived; on endings of years and of relationships; on beginnings, anxieties, hopes, and an uncertain future.”

Though these poems are perennials, they also serve as daily Advent readings starting from the first day of December.

What has been written about Adventus:
Kim Moore

…each turned page is a door into a new and fresh surprise
John Foggin

an excellent piece of work
Steve Whitaker

a tour de force
The Yorkshire Times

Comments on previous collections: “salt-drenched – I loved it” Sandi Toksvig, “piercingly topical… A glorious achievement” the late Magnus Magnusson, “passionate, laconic poetry” UA Fanthorpe, “Excellent” Bloodaxe’s Neil Astley.

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Thin bones like wish-bones, Indigo Dreams Publishing (2013)

Suki has relationships: dissatisfactory relationships, inter-cultural relationships, relationships that end. She is nostalgic for lost loves; is, in mid-life, wistful for the unborn, for the family she does not have, for what might have been. Suki comes at gender with a post-feminist eye. She is gay. She is straight. She lives alone and blogs into the night about art, life, death, her search for a raison d etre and her quest for love. Following her first collection KUNST (a raw take on the model s subjugation by the artist), this second collection of poems shows Suki visiting dark places but, until now, returning to the light.

Water washes through this volume linking Suki and Sue s poems then pulling away like the tide, separating them again. Both halves of the book resonate […] most of all with the needs and dreams of love. Water brings love but also dislocates and severs… An invigorating book, the reader never sure of his footing –Jennifer Copley

The sadness of aloneness and separation; of wanting and not wanting; not being wanted… Thin Bones is poems of separation, of shared emotions, of grief and loss so keenly felt. In Wish Bones there is more examination, an objective view of loss, leaving and injustice. –David Thomas

Vaguely drunk, sharply observant, Suki takes her creation Sue Vickerman in hand once more… –Nic Carlyl

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Kunst, Indigo Dreams Publishing (2012)

“KUNST -a raw take on the model’s subjugation to the artist” Poet and writer Suki took up life-modelling to make ends meet. This, her first full length poetry collection, is the result of her experiences – each poem illustrated with pencil and charcoal drawings of herself by sixteen artists. Additionally Suki has accrued an international online following for her serialised autobiographical trilogy at sukithelifemodel.co.uk. Part I, ‘A small life’, is available both online and in print, fully illustrated in colour with images of Suki by more than thirty artists.

Suki’s poetry and prose provoke discussion: she breaks life-modelling taboos, refering to a sexual dimension in the dynamics of the life-room. Her aim, she says, is honesty. The themes she returns to again and again are loneliness, death, the search for a raison d’etre, and the perennial quest for love. (Suki is the fictional creation of writer Sue Vickerman)

Essential reading for anyone who ever uses a life model.
Annie Tempest, artist and sculptor

Suki’s writing is as merciless in its superb hard imagery as the artists’ eyes are when they scour her. This is stark, hard-hitting wordplay of extremel;y high quality. It leaves you feeling as raw, asn naked, as any goode-bumped life model. The images work well intercut with Suki’s brilliant text – and re-confirm my deep uneasiness about life-drawing.
Char March, poet, playwright, author

Good luck to Suki as she steps naked into the river of contemporary writing.
Michael Mackmin, Editor, The Rialto

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The social decline of the oystercatcher, Biscuit Publishing (2006)

The poems min this first full-length collection, range over birds and the world of human relationshipswith a direct and uncompromising gaze.

“a breathless, breathtaking collection, nature au naturel: poetry refracted in the prism of her beacon eye, as effortless as a fulmar’s flight… Birds given tongue and tangy taste… This riotous palette of colourful, heartfelt, sharply poignant, piercingly topical experience [is] a glorious achievement.”
the late Magnus Magnusson

“…passionate, laconic poetry of a distinguished kind… These poems aren’t really about birds. And yet they are. Painful, witty, loving, long-sighted – I seem to be running out of adjectives. And no wonder.”
the late UA Fanthorpe

“…poems [that] remind those of us who write only in lists how much we need rhythm in our lives… A reminder of what really matters in this hectic world.”
Sandi Toksvig

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Shag, Arrowhead Press (2003), Naked Eye Publishing (2017)

Sue Vickerman has received three Arts Council (UK) awards for her poetry, novels and short stories. Shag, the first of her four poetry collections to date, was published during the half-decade she spent living in a Scottish lighthouse. This is a new Naked Eye edition.

‘Keenly observed birds punctuate the poems in this collection – all strong, straight-talking narratives. They are windows on worlds where various degrees of unsatisfactoriness are revealed. Birds or worlds, the essential mode is “watching” and Sue Vickerman’s gaze is uncompromising, direct and wide-ranging; her language dense and gritty, at home on the edge of things.’
Linda France, editor ‘Sixty Women Poets’ (Bloodaxe)

‘Edgy, elemental, tender, [these poems] help me to understand more about what it is I’m doing, being human.’

‘Sue Vickerman’s poems are always aware of the elemental picture behind the detail, of earth, air, sea and fire. They are salty, stony, fierce, loving, and sometimes sharp. These are poems that will ruffle your feathers, full of acute glimpses of the underneath of things.’
The late Julia Darling

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Special Needs, Cinnamon Press (2011)

In a multi-cultural community somewhere in the North, teaching is not the only thing that occupies the mind. Special Needs features a vibrant cast of teachers and dreamers: adults every bit as in need of self-discovery as their teenage charges and offspring.

A tour de force about family, race, sexual identity, lesbianism and life at the chalk-face, Special Needs is an always intelligent, often hilarious and unerringly humane debut, filled with larger-than-life but thoroughly credible characters, from an accomplished and mature voice.

“An exciting debut novel… vivid characters in a multicultural Yorkshire setting… I recommend it.”
Debjani Chatterjee (Longman, Harper Collins)

“Touched a nerve… every teacher should read this book.”
Nosheen Akhtar ex-teacher, Keighley, UK

“This is a novel to set one thinking not only about relationship identity, but about community, culture, and self-definition; it is a novel, ultimately, about the challenging call to live honestly, and the enduring value of personal integrity. Therapy doesn’t get better than this.”
Catherine Coldstream

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A Small Life, Cinnamon Press (2013)
Part I of Suki’s autobiographical trilogy

Suki is a struggling writer and poet. A bit anorexic, slightly suicidal, she turns to life-modelling to make ends meet. A Small Life is a sad, funny story about loneliness, the search for love and the quest for meaning, told through Suki s diary notes and the drawings and paintings she snaps on her mobile.

Edgy and intimate, this innovative collection of prose, poetry and life drawing is rich in its variety, and taboo-breaking in its honesty.

“Suki conveys the mood of her reverie so well with a good pinch of the sardonic, while letting us know what it is like to be seen… A lovely book.”
Susie Orbach, psychotherapist, author Fat is a Feminist Issue

“The prose and poetry of Suki’s autobiography A SMALL LIFE bring true life to the world of the model: her secret longings and sad delusions vividly told; her awareness of the physical discomforts and trials of arresting a moment in time; her stilled life in the constant flux of life around; her imagination ranging from wild sexual fantasies through to homemade flapjacks.”
Doug Binder, Painter in Residence, Dean Clough, Halifax

“The best study of a solitary being I’ve read.”

Steve Huison, artist, actor (The Full Monty)

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Two Small Lives, Naked Eye Publishing (2015)
Part II of Suki’s autobiographical trilogy

The second part of Suki’s autobiographical trilogy opens a year on from the end of her long-term love-affair with Ilka. After another doomed fling with a dissatisfactory male Suki is alone again, still earning her keep as a model for a motley crew of artists, still doggedly pursuing her quest for literary success.

With lonely middle-age looming, the ongoing failure to get her novel published brings her back once again to questioning her raison d’etre. Plagued more than ever by self-doubt and loneliness, Suki’s soldierly determination wavers. Then random events, both exhilarating and calamitous, change her hoped-for future…

Suki: an ingenious creation – a truly original take on the ‘triumph of the human spirit’ theme. I love the fact that in spite of everything she is fundamentally strong, getting through the hard times and back to champagne and ambition. Her impact will be major… a super read… So funny!
Lois Brothwell

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